Scene from an Unmade Film #2

Ext. Beach. Dawn.

She pulls out her camera and says...

Part a series of scenes, excerpts, from films that don't exist.

Music & sound by Daniel Dodds from The Box Barcelona.

Hannah Arendt Without Words

I took Margarethe von Trotta and her team's work, re-edited it, taking away all of Hannah Arendt's words from the film. For a reason.

Open Wide - Freight Train to Midnight

Excerpt of the expanded cinema piece Freight Train to Midnight.

Hi8 transfer

The only remaining footage of DP Drago J., who worked with film director Arpad Ferenc on various films, interviewed at his photo studio in Prague.

Shadow Trees

Excerpt from the expanded cinema piece Freight Train to Midnight

Super8 digital transfer

Scene from Shadow Trees, directed by Arpad Ferenc while still at art school.