Tamed Gods: The Origins of Abundance

An enigmatic preacher – half man, half sheep – awakens in a fallow forest. Driven by a hidden impulse, he collects and gathers elements for a magic rite. Doors open, worlds collide. Film based on the sculptural work of Carles Piera Claramunt.


Lapin - Une étrange histoire d'amour

A dark fable about a man who falls in love with a rabbit-like girl and discovers a strange world under his apartment... Or is it just him, not wanting to grow up and losing his grip after a breakup?


III - Terra Mala - Cinc Encanteris

Terra Mala és un projecte que es mou entre la ficció, el documental i el cinema experimental per investigar nocions d’història, gènere, deliri i territori.

Check out the video sketches for this project.

In Descanto

Performance by Josephine Grundy.

A 'vocal dance' performance that combines elements from butoh dance, physical theatre, vocal technique, musical composition and film.

This project is an exploration of the encounter between different performance languages.

Concert film, 20min, 2014